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Graffiti can cost building owners, transport companies and tenants many thousands of dollars in annual clean up and repair costs. Not to mention the loss of visual appeal in premises, vehicle and facilities that is of such important commercial value.

The accepted strategy against such damage is to clean off the graffiti as soon as possible, which helps discourage the ‘artists’ from further attacks.

One of the reasons Anti-Graffiti Film works so well is that it is virtually invisible tortion-free viewing. Anti-Graffiti Film should be an important consideration in retail as well as many other applications.


  • exterior and interior glazing
  • any smooth non-porous surface such as glass, marble, stainless steel windows, retail store fronts, display windows, mirrors
  • stainless steel balustrades, lifts and escalators
  • transport applications
  • marble, polished concrete and building facades, malls, stairwells, bus shelters
  • counter tops and advertising displays